We are working with a growing number of clients across multiple sectors and we would love to talk to you about how we can help with your challenges.
Startup Development Team

Startups & Small Businesses

As a startup ourselves, we love helping other businesses save time and money by streamlining their data processes.

Startups and Small Businesses need utility tools to help them be agile and adaptive. We take care of your data so you can take care of your business.


Many CRM, CMS or ERP systems have too many options and are difficult and time consuming to setup, but not Configur. We make it easy for you to connect the systems you already have in place, upload the data you have been working with and do just about everything in a way that suits your business.


With the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the capability of a Managed System, you can focus on your day to day with everything at your fingertips.

Public Sector

Improving data use & streamlining process is a primary goal for many Public Sector organisations and we can help. 

Configur provide a simple solution for many of the complex problems that the Public Sector are facing post COVID-19 restrictions. We have used our wealth of knowledge working with Local Authorities and Central Government clients to ensure that we can help many different areas including Local Authorities and Blue Light teams.


Import spreadsheets, connect your systems, voice skills, CRMs & chatbots and let Configur Codex become your central source of truth for data across your organisation.

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Charities & Non Profits

We offer discount for all charities and non profits. ​

​With the Configur platform providing flexibility to manage your data setting up Events, tracking donations and organising your volunteers has never been simpler.

We are also working with charities to showcase the benefit of centralising data to provide access to their key information across web, chatbots and internal systems simultaneously. With a 360 view of you charity you will know all of the top contributors across donations, fundraising and volunteering.

Data Providers

Sharing and collaborating on data has never been simpler, so you'll never have to send or receive a spreadsheet again.

We work with a number of organisations that collaborate with other businesses to either provide and/or receive data. The Configur platform provides a simple secure solution that allows data to be coordinated between multiple parties. By combining APIs and editable data views you can always be in control of who has provided data with all events logged within the platform.


If you are a data provider currently sending and receiving spreadsheets to power your business then Configur will save you time and money as well as offering additional capabilities such as providing live filtering and querying capabilities to your partners and clients.

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Don't See Your Sector?

Don't worry, we can still help! We can't showcase every type of sector we work with, however if you have a data challenge, we can help.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us then please don't hesitate to book a free consultation.