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Never worry about the quality of your data again...

Are you worried about your data? Is it hard to retrieve insights? Or organise? At Configur, we take pride in our exceptional data handling services. Here’s what we can do for you and your business when it comes to the quality of your data...

AI Validation

At Configur, we use AI validation to ensure the quality of input data before it is used to develop models and insights. There are many steps that are part of the data validation process: Checking the data is the right type, checking the range of values, checking for data validity and consistency.

It is critical to ensure that these steps are performed within the validation process to ensure models are working with clean data.¹

Through its AI powered automations, Configur can import, cleanse and secure your data in minutes.

Super Columns

A super column allows you to enhance your data. Create text, number or date columns that allow you to extract the key information you’ve been missing. Configur makes this process simple meaning that you don't need to know how formulas work, just select the process you want and tap your way through simple steps.

Validation Lists

Creating a drop-down list is a great way to ensure that entries are uniform and free from spelling errors. It also helps restrict entries so that only values you've approved, make it in to your data, making your data analysis and hunt for insights all the more simple.

What Configur can do for your data...

1. Set up any new data with our table builder, ensuring you start and finish in control.

2. Clean and enhance any imported data without the need of a data analyst, using our AI powered validation.

3. Enhance your data with our super columns to add that extra spark.

4. Be confident in your data with our real-time dynamic updates, meaning that you are always seeing the most accurate information.


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