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Has working remotely changed how we work collaboratively forever?

COVID-19 and the Corporate World

Without having experienced anything like it in our lifetime, a global pandemic was on the bottom of the list of ‘what if’s’ in the corporate world. The pandemic hit the economy hard, and left the UK with a 4.3% unemployment rate as of March 2021, which still could rise.

The most logical solution to keeping the UK on its feet, and the phrase that we have heard for months on end, ‘work from home, if you can’. Remote working was a new way of life for hundreds of thousands of people, with around 60% of the British population having to WFH in the height of lockdown, according to

50% of small businesses now operate remotely. Gartner have predicted that 75% of businesses will be working fully remotely by 2025.

This is why building upon a remote work culture with digitals tools is important now, more than ever. Uniting employees and giving them a shared sense of purpose can induce a feeling of comradeship, encourage informal conversation and check-ins, helping to curb remote isolation.

Typically, organisations that can withstand the transition to remote working will be more successful in shifting to a new work model, increasing and maintaining efficiency and productivity.

WFH/Office Hybrid

Whilst working remotely has been the most favourable approach within the last year, many organisations have now offered employees the opportunity to physically return to work. This provides a chance for people to have a change of scenery, and separate their home life from their work life once again.

However, a YouGov survey shows that working from home has become a success for workers. 57% want to work from home either all of the time, or some of the time, 39% wish to never WFH, and just 3% unsure of their preference.

These statistics reinforce the importance of an organisations ability to offer digital tools to support collaboration whilst working remotely.

What Configur Codex can do for you...

  • Security

  • Collaboration

  • Simplicity

These are the 3 things that are needed when working in a hybrid remote/in office setting. Configur Codex allows your data to be stored securely whilst unlocking the potential for collaboration. We understand that even members of the same team have different reasons for viewing the same dataset as their managers, this fits into the core values of Configur Codex.

We allow centrally controlled data to be combined and collaborated on from all areas of the business whilst providing teams and users the key information relevant to them. This ensures that the organisation has a single version of the truth whilst encouraging simplicity and efficiency for all members of the team.

Data collaboration and simplicity is especially important in small businesses or startups and we have developed various templates to avoid you having to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to know more about how we can help click the link below:

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