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Charity Case Study: Prostate Cymru


The Configur team reached out to Prostate Cymru to gather feedback, and dive into their experience of the platform after using the Configur platform for the last 3 months. During our interview, we spoke with Owen Pugsley, the Corporate Events and Marketing Manager.


Prostate Cymru is the leading prostate health charity in Wales supporting men and raising awareness for benign prostate disease and prostate cancer. With no national or government funding, Prostate Cymru relies on the generosity of it’s fundraisers and volunteers to fulfil their core aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of prostate cancer and diseases.

  2. Support treatments and improve equipment.

  3. Fund research.

  4. Support the education of medical professionals and students.

Prostate Cymru conducts awareness talks and campaigns, and even holds annual fundraising sporting events, such as The Big Cycle, and The Big Walk. The Big Walk was established in 2014 and is Wales’ longest and most challenging group charity walk. The walk has two routes which start at the iconic Principality Stadium, Cardiff. The short route is 13 miles to The Duke of Wellington, Cowbridge and the long route is 29 miles to Kenfig Hill RFC, Bridgend. You can read more about this at

The Challenge...

Prostate Cymru faced a number of challenges in their day-to-day lives. One issue that stood out, as explained by Owen Pugsley, is that they

"used to have to download and send data between themselves, which became really messy."

Owen also touched upon how Tina (The Chief Executive) “would have to ask to send over the data,” and would have to go through a gruelling process of organising it himself onto an excel spreadsheet first. They were also unable to identify information about "The top contributors to their events and through donations" as lots of data was being used in silo.

Why Configur?

When presented with the question, “Why did you choose to work with Configur?” Owen explained how the system was presented as very “powerful and affordable,” which worked hand in hand with their budgets. After being taken through a demo with the Configur team, they understood how easy it was to pull all of their data together and speed up their internal processes.

"It works across every facet of the organisation, from finance to marketing, even to the Chief Executive."

The process for combining this data was made simple by Configur and completed within a few days. The process outlined below shows how all of the data is now centralised for Prostate Cymru and produces queries in real-time so that the entire Charity has the information it needs at its fingertips from, event planners to the Chief Exec.

The Benefits...

Owen expressed, on behalf of the Prostate Cymru team, the benefits that Configur has enabled them to see. He explained:

"by removing dead data within the Configur platform it became much clearer to make sense of the useful data and streamline processes, saving time and giving us a new outlook on how we use data".

Upon coming to pull things together from fundraising events, they noticed things, such as people's addresses were missing, however, with Configur, this data was highlighted for enabling them to be

“proactive instead of reactive.”

It also gave them the opportunity to see how people engaged with Prostate Cymru across multi platforms, for example, people who had taken part in The Big Cycles and The Big Walks, in addition to completing stand alone fundraiser for them:

“We previously had to go into each of the systems to see how people had engaged with us. With Configur we were able to click on a person's name and it would highlight everything that they have done for us."

Prostate Cymru have also created queries that add up the amounts raised and top contributors to be able to reward their top advocates and contributors.

We are now able to hold an awards night to highlight these people and their special achievements.”


“One of the biggest things has been, being able to identify people who have done so much work for us over the past 13 years, and being able to identify people who have taken part in the very first big walk, and taken part in every single of of them since, those are really our unsung heroes, and the people we have identified through this system, so I'd just like to say a big thank you to them as well.”

Find out how we can help...

If you're a charity, or an organisation that you think could benefit from the Configur platform, feel free to book a demo with us today! Our consultants are on hand to help you with any enquiries...


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