How it Works

Connect your spreadsheets, files and other systems to create a secure web portal in less than 10 minutes.
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Never worry about the quality of your data again. With Configur's auto validation your data will have never looked cleaner.



Enhance your data with super columns. Create powered up Text, Number and Date columns without needing to know a single formula.



Link your data together in seconds to create a complete 360 view.

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All of your data stored centrally...

Data Views

Display your data, your way.


Data Views are a simple and convenient way to group related data tables and pre-defined queries.


Data Views ensure that all the information anyone across the business requires is easily accessible.


Our queries are easy to use and require no code or technical knowledge.


You are able to subset, filter and summarise your data in just a few clicks.


Data analysis has never been so easy!


Create forms in  minutes.Using our form builder, create a custom form built from your data.


Just select a column and type the question you'd like to display. It's that simple.


Form links can be sent to external users, shared on your website or chatbots and embedded in portals. Forms have never been so flexible.


Use Configur's APIs to connect your data to just about anything:

Other Platforms


Voice Assistants

Analytics (PowerBI etc)

Custom Front End

Whatever your integration needs we have you covered.​


Provide secure access to your data, allowing access via a URL and single sign on capabilities.


Unlock the ability to work collaboratively with individuals, teams or other organisations simultaneously whilst staying in full control of how your data is displayed and accessed.

Portals provide full flexibility in what data views, forms and queries you include as well as the ability for portal users to edit, filter and query data. 

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Additional Features

 Our Features are intuitive and powerful, enabling you to control your data without needing to be technical. 


Upload Your Data

Upload your data in any structure from Excel, CSV, Text files, APIs, Forms or start from scratch with the Table Builder. 

AI Powered Validation

Remove bad data with guided validation. Automatic column detection, validation lists, gap analysis and data constraints


Super Columns

Create and enhance text, date or number columns, without having to use formulas. Using our clickable column builder is simple.

Multi Connect

A single dataset can be used in multiple projects simultaneously. This ensures a real time and accurate view across the business. 


Multi-Tier Access Control

Simple to use access control for individuals, teams or organisations across data, projects, APIs & portals, meaning you are always in control.

User Controlled Snapshots

Create snapshots (versions of your data) for all datasets, meaning that you can revert to a previous version o if anything goes wrong.


Full Auditing

Record all changes to your data to provide full visibility of  who, what and when data is modified or accessed.

Enterprise Grade Security

We provide Enterprise grade security across all of our plans. Meaning your data is encrypted, backed up and stored in UK data centres.


Want to know more?

Our team of consultants are on hand and will be happy to provide a free 30 minute consultation.