Configur offers a number of benefits for businesses, but we have outlined a few that we are especially proud of below.

Use your data to build a platform in 10 minutes

We don’t believe that a CRM, CMS, ERP or any other type of data management platform should require you to change your process. Configur offers full flexibility for you to manage your data, your way. Not only that but you can have your portals up and running in less than 10 minutes with no technical knowledge required.

Never worry about the quality of your data again


A system is only as good as the data you put in. Configur has got you covered with AI powered validation, super columns, table builders and real-time data updates. With Configur you will always be working from the most up to date and single version of the truth.


Make working with your data collaborative

With Configur, sharing your data is more than just simple, it's powerful. Configur portals allow you to securely share your data with full filtering and querying capabilities, Set up data views that work in real time and simultaneously, ensuring that people across your business and in other organisations can view, edit and query data, whilst you stay in full control.

Feel like your business is truly connected

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Configur allows your business to create a 360 view, with the platform guiding you every step of the way. Connect multiple sources of data such as  spreadsheets, text files, APIs, Forms and even build your own table in the platform, before combining the data you create in just a few clicks. Once connected your data will show you all linked data anytime you click a record.


Leave Spreadsheets behind

We use spreadsheets for simplicity, but often they cost us more time as a result of bad data or broken formulas.  In fact 88% of spreadsheets have at least 1 error in them, need we say anymore. Configur can have your spreadsheet up and running for use internally and/or externally within 10 minutes, offering a secure, audited and validated alternative to spreadsheets.

Never lose track of your data again


Keeping track of your data has never been so easy. Configur gives you the ability to track all changes so you will  fully understand any changes that have been made. With rolling backups and the ability to snapshot all of your data, Configur has you covered if the worst should happen.

Enterprise Security for All

Configur offers enterprise security for all of our plans. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest within siloed replicated databases per organisation and is hosted in secure UK data centres.Configur is GDPR Gold standard compliant and has Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. We also undergo regular penetration testing to ensure your data is safe.

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